Are Contacts Safe for Kids?

Yes, contacts are safe for kids. The human eye can tolerate contact lenses at a very early age. In special cases, even infants are fitted with contacts, to overcome eye conditions such as congenital nystagmus.

A key factor in determining if contact lenses are safe for your child is evaluating how willing he or she is to wear contacts responsibly and take proper care of them.

Over-wearing contact lenses, especially sleeping while wearing contacts designed for daytime use only, can greatly increase the risk for contact lens-related eye problems.

Also, your child must demonstrate an ability to apply and remove the lenses without significant difficulty and to clean and disinfect the lenses with appropriate contact lens solutions after each use.

Often, a child’s success in wearing contacts depends on how motivated he or she is to wear them. Even if you wear contact lenses yourself, don’t assume your child wants to wear contacts. Some children are perfectly happy wearing eyeglasses and may not have an interest in contacts until they are young adults, if at all.